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India 1


Our Team of 2018
Bangalore, India


“The Foreign Correspondent Study Tour (FCST) was conceived, delivered and is led by Dr Saba Bebawi who believes that journalism students can best understand international journalism by experiencing it in different countries and cultural contexts.
Saba is Associate Professor in Journalism at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). She has worked as a journalist since 1995, where she started working as a broadcaster/producer for Radio Jordan English service for four years, and also worked on a contract basis for CNN, World New Events (USA), and Dubai TV. She is also a media development policy consultant and a media trainer. She has previously held academic positions at Monash University and Swinburne University in Australia, in addition to Zayed University in the UAE.
Saba has published on media power and the role of media in democracy-building, in addition to investigative journalism in conflict and post-conflict regions. She is author of ‘Media Power and Global Television News: The role of Al Jazeera English’, and ‘Investigative Journalism in the Arab World: Issues and Challenges’, in addition to co-editor of ‘Social Media and the Politics of Reportage: The ‘Arab Spring’, and is working on a forthcoming book entitled ‘The Future Foreign Correspondent’.”
— Saba Bebawi
“Devleena Ghosh, an academic at UTS, is a scholar of gender, religious and environmental studies in the South Asian region. She has published widely on shared religious practices in Bangalore and coal mining and climate change in India. Her article “Burma-Bengal crossings: intercolonial relations in pre-indepence India” won the Wang Gung Wu prize for best article in the Asian Studies Review in 2016.”
— Devleena Ghosh
24294215_10155195761481947_8177048425085204123_n copy.jpg
“I love to tell a good story. I completed my Bachelor of Journalism and Media Communication in 2015, six months after my first Foreign Correspondent study tour. I have been working with FCST ever since, visiting Jordan three times. I have been working in the travel industry and writing travel pieces for The Australian Times and Travel Guides. In 2017 year I commenced a Masters Degree in Journalism at The University of Melbourne. Until fully qualified I will continue to travel and write and travel some more.”
— Krystal Mizzi
“My name is Mary Mrad and I am currently in my final semester of Masters in Advanced Journalism at the University of Technology Sydney. I am very excited to travel to India and learn so much about a country which is culturally rich and diverse. This study tour will definitely teach me new skills and change my perceptions of the role which foreign correspondents play. It will be an eye-opening experience for me as a training journalist, as it will give me the opportunity to interact and write about a county I am not familiar with”.
— Mary Mrad
“Alyce is in the final year of a Master or Arts in Journalism at UTS, after successfully completing a BA at The University of Sydney with a double major in Anthropology and Sociology.
The question that drives her is simple. What does it mean to be human?
Also, why do we write biographies on ourselves in the third person when it is more or less obvious that the subject is also the author?
So hi. My name is Alyce and I am absolutely chuffed to have been afforded this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the Foreign Correspondent Study Tour.
I’m wanting to focus on stories told by women and how they experience the world around them, and also dip my toe into the waters of photojournalism whilst i’m in Bangalore.
I currently work as a Social Media Account Manager for News Xtend, part of News Corp, and am keen to explore the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India.
I’d love for you to follow my journey (not like a sheep, more like my buddy) @avmokrzycki and can’t wait to enrich your world along the way.”
— Alyce Mokrzycki
“My name is Michelle and I’m completing a Master of Advanced Journalism at UTS. I’m excited to travel to a country with such cultural, religious and linguistic diversity as India. In particular, I’m interested in exploring the numerous religious and spiritual traditions that make India’s past and present so rich and complex. I’d also love to find out more about human interactions with and attitudes towards animals in Indian society. The Foreign Correspondent study tour is an invaluable opportunity for me to gain experience reporting in another country for the first time.”
— Michelle gallace
“My name is Sharleen Kumar and I am currently doing my Masters in Journalism at UTS. This study tour I think will enable me to experience how India as a country is. You always hear in the news that India is overpopulated and that its not a safe place to live or even travel to. This study tour will enable me to experience how India actually is. It will be interesting to cover news stories that impact everyone here on a daily basis. I want to tell stories that will give a voice to people to better understand their stories. This study tour will help me to do this.”
— Sharleen Kumar